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Public Transportation to 45 Castro Street:

  • From BART or Caltrain, take the N-line (outbound).  Get off at the second above ground stop at the corner of Duboce & Noe beside Duboce Park.  The Medical Center is across the street.
  • Though the N-Line is best, you can take the J, K, L, M or S-Shuttle to the Church Street station and walk-up 14th Street.
  • The Muni 24-Line runs North-South on Castro = Divisadero too.


  • Use Google Maps or MapQuest to get directions to 45 Castro Street, SF, CA 94114.
  • There is free parking on the street on all the surrounding blocks.  (The "permit parking only" signs do not apply on Saturdays, and the two-hour time limitation on Wednesday nights expires before you will get any ticket.)  Do not park in parking garage.  It is VERY EXPENSIVE

The Conference Room is in the South Tower:

  • Enter through back of the South Tower building (closest to Noe St.) on the side closest to 14th St.  On the map below, it is marked as "2nd Driveway."  There is an entrance shortly after you enter that driveway, on your left.  You will already be on level B.  Walk straight ahead into the hallway and you will see the Conference Room on your left.  (Unfortunately, they lock this door after 9 p.m. so you have to use a different exit on Wednesday nights.)

    If you come in through front of North Tower (where it says "Lobby Entrance" on the map), take the elevator to Level B. The elevators are behind the Information Desk.  After exiting elevator and getting to the hallway, turn right and walk down the hallway toward the end.  When you get to the second building entrance on your left, turn left and you will see the Conference Room.

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